RWBE SS2017 – Coral with a contemporary approach

This Spring Summer, emerge yourselves into the fun and joy of the undersea world! Inspired by the beautiful coral, our SS 2017 collection is colorful, bold and vivid, yet everything is softened with a pastel touch.


Nobody will deny coral is full of colors, and this season we’ve chosen baby pink, baby blue and green to create this colorful collection. These colors captured the Spring atmosphere so well with their softness, juxtaposing with green to give a sense of nature in summer. Add simple geometric-inspired jewelry to complete your look.

When you look closely, there are lots of dots and lines on the surface of coral. This inspired us to take a more contemporary illustration of coral with stripes.


Stripes will be shown as prints or mesh lace, usually colorful and vivid for a bold representation. Prints and mesh lace will also be used to for a light and Pair with statement accessory for a sharp outfit, or look effortlessly chic with a pair of jeans or plain bottom.

To continue with the fun and joy brought on by coral, we go on to add prints with childhood touch to show happy moments we associate with Spring Summer. The unique and cute prints will make you stand out from the crowd and add a youthful touch to your look.

Now that the weather is getting so much warmer, it’s time to think if you need to add some fresh pieces to your Spring wardrobe!

RWBE – Make Fashion in a New Approach

Officially introducing our new brand RWBE to all of MV fans. RWBE stands for “Reduce Waste. Be Elegant.” The mission of RWBE is to be environmentally friendly while still providing cute clothes with good fitting. We believe everyone can enjoy brand new clothes and look elegant, without sacrificing the beauty of our environment.


By only producing when receiving your order, we reduce fashion waste and is able to offer the best price to our customers.

How does it work?

  1. Check out new styles on our fan page, online store or retail outlets
  2. Choose your size and order online or at our retail outlets
  3. Once received your order, we will produce your clothes right away
  4. Brand new RWBE clothes will be delivered to your doorstep

It’s simple! Look for more RWBE styles in our online store:



Della – Carry Change


Our new injected clothing brand — Della.


Della is a socially responsible fashion brand. Let’s have a quick look of there new hot print dress. Soft materials with Ghana uniqe print, that you must not miss in the Summer season.


Della’s clothing are made by handblock print. It’s an ancient art technique called – Batik, which use hand-carved stamps and hot wax to dye textiles.


During the batik process, hot wax is stamped on cloth an then dyed. Several layers of stamps and dye can be used at one time.


Upon removal of hot wax, beautiful colored patterns and designs emerge. Due to the nature of the due process, shading and arrangement of the color is unique, making every piece of batik individual.


From colors to textiles, fashion doesn’t simply exist on runways or catalogs. It doesn’t have boundaries. Let’s celebrate fashion in an responsible way to build a foundation for a better life through jobs, education, and skills

From Under the Spotlight to Behind the Lens: Sabrina Sikora

Sabrina Sikora may be a name and face you are familiar with in our posts in our social media channels. She is a Hong Kong-based professional photographer, model and style blogger. We have invited her to help style our new winter collection. As someone who is so involved in the fashion industry, Sabrina is a great person to talk to. We have chatted with her recently, and let’s get to know more about her and her tips for winter outlook!

  1. Why would you choose to be a model before?

After taking a fashion class at my local mall when I was 12 years old I decided I wanted to be a model. At the time I was 5’8” and a size 0. I sent photos to Elite and they turned me down saying I was too young. The next year I sent updated images and was turned down again this time for being too thin. At age 14, when I was 5’10” and a size 2, Elite signed me. I wanted the chance to see more than my hometown of Macon, GA and thankfully my walking hanger-like body allowed me to do just that.


  1. What brought you to Hong Kong and why did you decide to stay here?

I was modeling in New York where I met a boy and fell in love. After a few years together, his job offered him an opportunity to relocate here and he asked if I would join him. Because I can do my job anywhere (and I wanted to be with him) I said yes! We still live in HK and are now married and have a son who is almost two.

  1. What made you switch your career from modeling to photography?

Originally I had still planned to model full-time and shoot as a photographer part-time as I had done in New York. Once we relocated to HK and I took the break from modeling I found it really refreshing and loved the freedom of setting my own schedule and not having to watch everything I ate. I made the leap to full-time photography and set up my studio here in 2010. It was slow going at first, as my work is mainly word of mouth, but once I linked up with Sassy and started blogging and shooting for them things really took off. Now I shoot around four times a week from both my Chai Wan studio and on-location as well. I also maintain a studio in Georgia, where I am from, and return there several times a year to shoot and see family.


  1. What is the most enjoyable about being a photographer?

Seeing the world as a photographer sees it is my favorite part. I don’t mean traveling around, though that is nice as well, but actually seeing the world in a different way. It’s the little things like looking at someone and noticing their angles and the way they laugh and brush their hair away from their face. It’s walking down the street and seeing the beauty in everyday objects or the way the light falls down an alley. It feels like people can be so busy that they miss all the small beautiful elements all around them happening at any given moment. It isn’t until you pick up a camera and start to look for the beautiful, the interesting things, that you see what is really all around you. Once you start to notice it you find it is hard to stop.

  1. What is the most challenging part of being a photographer?

Time management for me is the trickiest part. I have to be very diligent about how I organize my schedule so as not to over load myself. It is tempting to say yes to every project, especially in a city like HK where there is so much activity and so many interesting endeavors. I have to leave time for editing and retouching. I also run my own blog and contribute to Sassy Media Group so there are events to attend and articles to be written. And on top of all that I am a mom to a very active toddler, which is the most important, enjoyable, and stressful job of all.


  1. You’re a photographer, a blogger, and a mum at the same time. What are your tips to manage all these events, photo shoots, and your family life?

I find it so funny when people talk about work/life balance like there is some magic formula where it all works perfectly. The fact is no matter how much time you spend in any one area it is never enough and yet you always feel like you should be spending more time on it as well. I try to look at a week and balance that instead of balancing each day. I take my son to school on Mondays and Fridays and shoot Tuesday-Thursday. Mornings are spent at the computer so the afternoons can be spent at the turtle pond in Chai Wan Park or at the playground chasing my son around. Saturday night is date night with my husband and Sunday is family day so I won’t book any shoots for Sundays. The biggest thing for me is keeping my inbox clear and making sure every item, no matter how small makes it onto my iCal and Evernote which I can view from all of my devices so I make sure I never miss a thing.

  1. What are your must-have items in your wardrobe this winter?

This year my wardrobe is very clean and simple. I like basic pieces that I can mix and match well. We usually travel for the holidays so I need pieces that work in multiple cities. Then I add some really show-stopping accessories and bright lipstick to make the look pop. I love the Marco Visconti cropped black pants and the gray sleeveless top with the oversize knot at the collar. Both pieces work for both day and night and are great for flights, family time, and shooting alike.

Edith Law – Designer Behind the Unique Jewelry Brand

For those MV fans, I’m sure you are familiar with the jewelry brand – Hot Edith. But do you know about the one who designs all these lovely pieces? We have chatted with Edith Law, the design, and let’s get to know more about the soul behind these beautiful works!

1. Where did you passion in jewelry come from?
When I was small, I already love to secretly peek at my mum’s jewelry box and try on her rings, necklaces, bracelets… Etc. when I was six, my mum gave me my first treasure – a small ladybug brooch. I loved it so much and always put it on my clothes. From then, I like to check out different kinds of jewelry and wished that I could have my own jewelry box one day.


2. When do you start designing your own jewelry and what inspired you to start off?

After I was graduated from the university, I became a designer for a high-end jewelry brand. In 2012, I set up my own jewelry brand and hope my pieces can be put in each girl’s jewelry box. With the theme of “less is more”, I created jewelry that are classic yet trendy, prefect for matching any outfits and let every girl shines.

3. What is your design philosophy?

I design with natural pearls and semi-precious stones. Different kinds of pearls and stones represent special personality of the owner of a jewelry. I believe simple yet elegant design is perfect match of every outfit. The brand itself tells a story of how a girl becomes a lady. There will be ups and downs in life, and I hope my pieces can stay with each girls and gives her love, hope and dreams, and let her shines in every occasion.

Jewelry draft

4. What is the most enjoyable about being a jewelry designer?

I love to see how a design in my brain actually turns to a real jewelry. When a customer try it on and admires mu design, I would feel so satisfied and happy.

5. What is the most challenging part of your jewelry design career?
Sometimes there are good designs but no suitable stones to make, and sometime there are beautiful stones but lack a design to put them together. I guess the most challenging part is to find a balance.


6. You have another full-time job as you design your own jewelry. What are your tips to manage everything so well?

Everyday when I get off from work, I will have 2-3 hours to do the design. As I need to work on everything myself, I have to slowly organise the process and make sure everything is in place. Sunday must be a holiday for me to rest, travel and enjoy life.

7. What is your tip of jewelry styling this winter?
Put on 2-3 rings or a few necklaces with different length at the same time to create layers and a more shinny effect. The mix and match is fun and can create your very own style.


The Beautiful Hand Block Printing

The Art of Hand Block Printing

Natural dye, unique pattern and arts. The hand block printing is one of the earliest and simplest printing methods. A design is drawn and carved in a wood block. Then the block is applied with color and pressed firmly on cloth, one pattern each time until the cloth is filled with the desired patterns. Hand block printing is a slow process, but it is capable to create highly artistic results, which make it stands out among other printing methods.

Featured image    Featured image

The MV Hand Block Printing Workshop

Do you think handprint is easy? No. It is in fact harder than you expected. On 2nd of October, staffs in Marco Visconti gathered for a handprint workshop to get a taste of this traditional artisan technique. Instead of wood, we cut sponges to the design we desired and brushed them with paint.

Featured image Featured image

Then, we pressed the sponged on drawing paper repeatedly to create a pattern. Believe me, the first attempt usually failed! We still remembered how difficult it was to just get a pattern clear and sharp. We kept trying and ,after throwing some of the pieces into the rubbish bin, we finally got to the art piece. It was not easy, but definitely fulfilling to see the creation made from our own hands. We all liked the crafty feel of the print.

Featured image Featured image

All about Creativity and Patience

Every handprint masterpiece represents something special on the maker’s mind, not simply a pattern but a story. Behind every hand print artisan, creativity and patience are their symbols. They have a belief that mass-production is not always the best, and are willing to sacrifice the modern-day efficiency for a unique crafty touch. Let us treasure this precious artisan technique and enjoy the beauty of craftsmanship!

Featured image  Featured image

Hopscotch – where does it come from?

“1,2,3,….” Do you still remember the saddle shoes and your school’s hopscotch yard? I believe almost every kid has played on hopscotch, but how many of them know about the origin of hopscotch?

The hopscotch is a famous vintage game in started from the 80s, which is drawn with colorful chalk lines and curves with numbers on the playground.
Featured imageFeatured image

It was first originated as a military training exercise in ancient Britain during the early Roman Empire to provide feet training to the soldiers. However, the game was first recorded in English-speaking world in late 17th century as ‘scotch hopper’, a lunch break activities of schoolboys with their hop of friends. This is where hopscotch started to become popular.

Featured image Featured image

‘One game, one language’

Hopscotch was named differently throughout the world. In France, people called it ‘Marelle’. In Spain, people called it ‘rayuela,tejo’. In india, it called chikki-billa. Even hopscotch was named differently, there are no language barriers in playing hopscotch. What’s more, there are no limitations on how the game should be played.

As long as chalks are sketched, people will start hopping their way to victory on their numbers.

Featured image Featured image

‘The joy of jumps’

Counting 1, 2 and 3 become the laugh of every kid. Kids jump through every numbers path by their typical rabbit’s foot on the sidewalk. The chalks and scratched curves and lines become the magic of joy and the start of millions of possibilities.

So let’s counting 1,2,3…… and have fun with this memorable game.

Featured image

Pattern Paradise – the Persian Architecture

Full of structural and aesthetic designs from the Persian art, Persian’s architectures have been seen as a paradise of decorative paintings and patterns with the historical and religious references. Persian’s architects have managed to combine beauty and magnificence in every detail with the use of the unique geometry.

Featured image

Persian architecture originated from area around today’s Iran, and its examples are distributed over a large area from Turkey to Iraq to Northern India and Tajikistan, and from Caucasus to Zanzibar. The architecture has stayed through the age-old history of the lands. From the spread of Muslim population in Middle East to different corners of the world, Persian has successfully left their creativity through their journeys in the 7th century.

 Featured imageFeatured image

Persian Aesthetics

The fascinating and grandeur design of symbolic architectures was greatly influenced by the traditional culture and art of the Persian kingdom. The beautiful small details of arch, dome and muqarnas represent the Persian’s passion and creativity in decorating their Persian kingdom. The ornamentation, including stucco carvings, frescoes and paintings enhance the level of Persian aesthetics. These patterns exemplify the Islamic interest in repetition and symmetry with their stunning eye-catching color choices.

Featured imageFeatured image

Mosque – Isfahan, Iran

Featured imageFeatured image

Taj Mahal, Agra, India

Persian shades

Featured image Featured image

Persia’s distinctive artistic heritages created spaced with intriguing light wells. Together with windows, mirrors and reflecting pool, the beauty of natural light certainly adds a level of dynamic to the architectures and complementary effects to the patterns with the combination of light and shades to create a sacred and elegant space.

Immerse into the magnificent Persian Art

Persian Art is a blend of native Persian traditions with art influenced by Egypt and the classical West, which includes extraordinary and fascinating architecture, painting and sculpture from the ancient times. Behind the customs and religion, Persian Art successfully developed their own uniqueness as symbolization for their culture, filled with sensational beauty.

Featured image Featured image

Persia was the one of the oldest kingdoms in the world, and one of the earliest civilizations in the history of arts. It was in its largest during 550 B.C., extending from Anatolid and Egypt across the western Asia to northern India and Central Asia.

Featured image

The Persian Empire had extended to Egypt, yet their glamorous artistic expressions were spread across the world. Their uniqueness in patterns, sense of beauty and historical culture has bought together with the greatest Persian, and still undoubtedly the most beautiful customs in world.

A Place Full of Respectable Antiquity

Persian art is the richest art heritages in the world in respecting to their royal, enthusiasm and generous history. Persian’s aspiration in literature, art and philosophy are still being expressed as the most beautiful culture nowadays which created along with glory and pride of history behind their divine spiritual concepts in art.

Featured imageFeatured image

‘The Colors of Persian’

The art is in its most expressive form when it comes to Iranian rug. From their yarn fiber to colors, the weavers mix beautiful patterns to create a myriad of colors inspired by the wild flowers, birds and beasts in Persian garden along with rich colors like burgundy, navy blue and ivory to showcase the unique Persian culture and beliefs.

Featured imageFeatured image

‘Art in Fashion’

The illustration behinds Persian prints are always an incredible magic from the era, crafted piece by piece to form amazing masterpieces by their significant artistic tradition. It influenced different aspects of the society and in later pop cultures, including fashion style. The used of floral, birds and beasts are the signature inspirations in Persian art. Fancy, special and beautiful patterns are used to create a fantasy of the ancient kingdom.