Persian Art is a blend of native Persian traditions with art influenced by Egypt and the classical West, which includes extraordinary and fascinating architecture, painting and sculpture from the ancient times. Behind the customs and religion, Persian Art successfully developed their own uniqueness as symbolization for their culture, filled with sensational beauty.

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Persia was the one of the oldest kingdoms in the world, and one of the earliest civilizations in the history of arts. It was in its largest during 550 B.C., extending from Anatolid and Egypt across the western Asia to northern India and Central Asia.

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The Persian Empire had extended to Egypt, yet their glamorous artistic expressions were spread across the world. Their uniqueness in patterns, sense of beauty and historical culture has bought together with the greatest Persian, and still undoubtedly the most beautiful customs in world.

A Place Full of Respectable Antiquity

Persian art is the richest art heritages in the world in respecting to their royal, enthusiasm and generous history. Persian’s aspiration in literature, art and philosophy are still being expressed as the most beautiful culture nowadays which created along with glory and pride of history behind their divine spiritual concepts in art.

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‘The Colors of Persian’

The art is in its most expressive form when it comes to Iranian rug. From their yarn fiber to colors, the weavers mix beautiful patterns to create a myriad of colors inspired by the wild flowers, birds and beasts in Persian garden along with rich colors like burgundy, navy blue and ivory to showcase the unique Persian culture and beliefs.

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‘Art in Fashion’

The illustration behinds Persian prints are always an incredible magic from the era, crafted piece by piece to form amazing masterpieces by their significant artistic tradition. It influenced different aspects of the society and in later pop cultures, including fashion style. The used of floral, birds and beasts are the signature inspirations in Persian art. Fancy, special and beautiful patterns are used to create a fantasy of the ancient kingdom.