“1,2,3,….” Do you still remember the saddle shoes and your school’s hopscotch yard? I believe almost every kid has played on hopscotch, but how many of them know about the origin of hopscotch?

The hopscotch is a famous vintage game in started from the 80s, which is drawn with colorful chalk lines and curves with numbers on the playground.
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It was first originated as a military training exercise in ancient Britain during the early Roman Empire to provide feet training to the soldiers. However, the game was first recorded in English-speaking world in late 17th century as ‘scotch hopper’, a lunch break activities of schoolboys with their hop of friends. This is where hopscotch started to become popular.

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‘One game, one language’

Hopscotch was named differently throughout the world. In France, people called it ‘Marelle’. In Spain, people called it ‘rayuela,tejo’. In india, it called chikki-billa. Even hopscotch was named differently, there are no language barriers in playing hopscotch. What’s more, there are no limitations on how the game should be played.

As long as chalks are sketched, people will start hopping their way to victory on their numbers.

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‘The joy of jumps’

Counting 1, 2 and 3 become the laugh of every kid. Kids jump through every numbers path by their typical rabbit’s foot on the sidewalk. The chalks and scratched curves and lines become the magic of joy and the start of millions of possibilities.

So let’s counting 1,2,3…… and have fun with this memorable game.

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