The Art of Hand Block Printing

Natural dye, unique pattern and arts. The hand block printing is one of the earliest and simplest printing methods. A design is drawn and carved in a wood block. Then the block is applied with color and pressed firmly on cloth, one pattern each time until the cloth is filled with the desired patterns. Hand block printing is a slow process, but it is capable to create highly artistic results, which make it stands out among other printing methods.

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The MV Hand Block Printing Workshop

Do you think handprint is easy? No. It is in fact harder than you expected. On 2nd of October, staffs in Marco Visconti gathered for a handprint workshop to get a taste of this traditional artisan technique. Instead of wood, we cut sponges to the design we desired and brushed them with paint.

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Then, we pressed the sponged on drawing paper repeatedly to create a pattern. Believe me, the first attempt usually failed! We still remembered how difficult it was to just get a pattern clear and sharp. We kept trying and ,after throwing some of the pieces into the rubbish bin, we finally got to the art piece. It was not easy, but definitely fulfilling to see the creation made from our own hands. We all liked the crafty feel of the print.

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All about Creativity and Patience

Every handprint masterpiece represents something special on the maker’s mind, not simply a pattern but a story. Behind every hand print artisan, creativity and patience are their symbols. They have a belief that mass-production is not always the best, and are willing to sacrifice the modern-day efficiency for a unique crafty touch. Let us treasure this precious artisan technique and enjoy the beauty of craftsmanship!

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