Our new injected clothing brand — Della.


Della is a socially responsible fashion brand. Let’s have a quick look of there new hot print dress. Soft materials with Ghana uniqe print, that you must not miss in the Summer season.


Della’s clothing are made by handblock print. It’s an ancient art technique called – Batik, which use hand-carved stamps and hot wax to dye textiles.


During the batik process, hot wax is stamped on cloth an then dyed. Several layers of stamps and dye can be used at one time.


Upon removal of hot wax, beautiful colored patterns and designs emerge. Due to the nature of the due process, shading and arrangement of the color is unique, making every piece of batik individual.


From colors to textiles, fashion doesn’t simply exist on runways or catalogs. It doesn’t have boundaries. Let’s celebrate fashion in an responsible way to build a foundation for a better life through jobs, education, and skills