This Spring Summer, emerge yourselves into the fun and joy of the undersea world! Inspired by the beautiful coral, our SS 2017 collection is colorful, bold and vivid, yet everything is softened with a pastel touch.


Nobody will deny coral is full of colors, and this season we’ve chosen baby pink, baby blue and green to create this colorful collection. These colors captured the Spring atmosphere so well with their softness, juxtaposing with green to give a sense of nature in summer. Add simple geometric-inspired jewelry to complete your look.

When you look closely, there are lots of dots and lines on the surface of coral. This inspired us to take a more contemporary illustration of coral with stripes.


Stripes will be shown as prints or mesh lace, usually colorful and vivid for a bold representation. Prints and mesh lace will also be used to for a light and Pair with statement accessory for a sharp outfit, or look effortlessly chic with a pair of jeans or plain bottom.

To continue with the fun and joy brought on by coral, we go on to add prints with childhood touch to show happy moments we associate with Spring Summer. The unique and cute prints will make you stand out from the crowd and add a youthful touch to your look.

Now that the weather is getting so much warmer, it’s time to think if you need to add some fresh pieces to your Spring wardrobe!