Top 5 activities in Summer

After the rainy spring, it is time for the shiny summer. At the summer solstice, the days are longer than the nights, with day-length decreasing as the season progresses after the solstice.Together with the hot and sunny weather,  It is best to hang out with friends. Here we have our top summer activities for you to fill up your summer vacation.

Pool Time

If you have access to a pool, cool off with some pool time. If you are not into lounging and catching some rays, play games like marco polo, relay races. If you have got ten friends together and some water balloons but nothing to do, have a water fight! Nothing beats the heat better than popping a water balloon over your head or getting drenched by a super soaker.

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Beach Getaway

When the weather is good, why waste your time sitting at home when you could be at the beach? Play with Mr. Sea and swim with fishes or slide on a beach chair with a cocktail; walk on the beach and listen to the  mermaid’s song. Here are our suggested “Top 3 beaches in the world”.

  1. Baia do Sancho (Beaches, Outdoor Activities, Nature & Parks)
  2. Grace Bay (Providenciales, Turks and Caicos)
  3. Rabbit Beach (Lampedusa, Islands of Sicily)

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Outdoor activities

You have spent the whole winter sitting at your desk in office. While the weather is nice, get outside and get active! Ride your bike, play frisbees or hike a trail. If it happens to be a nice day out but just little bit windy, you can even fly a kite. Run like the wind and let your kite soar.

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Picnic in the Park

Nothing says summer like a picnic in the park. Pack some sandwiches, chips, crackers, cheese and juice boxes, and head out to you local park with your family or friends for a nice outdoor lunch in the sun.



While the weather is nice, not everyone is fond of staying in the heat. If you are one of them, shopping may be the your best activity in summer. With summer discount in town, you can stay air-conditioned and fill in your wardrobe with special summer clothes and bags.

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Happy Loving Day!

Happy Loving Day!

Do you know that every year on 12th of June, there are celebrations of “Loving Day”? On this day in 1967, less than a lifetime ago, The Supreme Court of the United States ruled to legalize interracial marriage throughout the country. The decision states, “There can be no doubt that restricting the freedom to marry solely because of racial classifications violates the central meaning of the equal protection clause.” Before the ruling, the U.S. state laws banned interracial marriage, mainly forbidding marriage between non-whites and whites.

Loving Day is not yet an official recognized holiday by the U.S. government, but there is a movement to persuade U.S. President Barack Obama to make it so. Loving Day is the biggest multiracial celebration in the United States.


“True love is eternal, infinite, and always like itself. It is equal and pure, without violent demonstrations: it is seen with white hairs and is always young in the heart.”
From Honore de Balzac

Cheers to freedom of marriage and freedom of love! Let’s celebrate loving day on 12th of June with your loved one!

Know more about loving day:

The Stylist Corner – Our Favourite Summer Looks

Summer is officially here! Kick start the season with five feel-good-look-cool summer outfits suggested by our stylist.

Linen – natural and breathing – is a must-have material in your summer wardrobe. Put it in hot red color to start a catchy look. For bottom, pair with vintage silk pants with bold prints to balance the plain top. Don’t forget to pick up the Ilundi’s cool blue Palm Clutch to add a chic touch. Finish your look with a gemstone statement necklace and a sparkling watch for a dinner date.


You can never skip a maxi skirt for summer! With the exotic prints, best to pair it with simple white tank to stay refreshed in the hot and humid weather. Accessorize your look with the brown Jungle Clutch and wood-craved statement necklace for a beach getaway.


The retro pattern top and the gaucho pants will give your look a sense of modernity. The matching of prints and light blue color is original yet harmonious. Style it with Dancing in the Rain Clutch and a simple horn statement necklace to add a plot for this outfit


In need for a Friday work outfit? A light white ethnic-patterned top and a fun kaleidoscope-printed skirt are fantastic for a Friday night yet still keep you look proper in work space. Simply match with the Tropical Clutch with leaf pattern and black-and-white jewelries for an elegant ensemble.


Colorful tight pants are your best friend in summer. Pick these with lovely mint color and match with a loose-fit floral top for a casual weekend look.



“Labours of Love” Handmade Leather Bags — Ilundi

This summer, get hot with our new leather accessory brand – Ilundi. Originated from South Africa, Ilundi produces 100% handmade leather bags and accessories. With the indigenous sewing and tanning techniques, the brand creates unique fashion pieces that can be styled globally.

Influenced by minimalist Japanese aesthetic principles and clean cut Scandinavian designs, Ilundi’s products are timeless and classic. With the quality and natural materials, each piece gives a vintage sense yet remains modern and sophisticated with the minimal geometric lines and patterns.

Featured image

Every product is labours of love, which is made by hand and no sewing machines are used. Every hole and stitch is hand punched and sewn, so it’s not surprising that it can take up to 14 hours to make a bag. Each piece is sewn with the reliable saddle stitch, which is one of the oldest stitches used in leather work. All of them are waxed thread for extra durability and added wear protection.


When it comes to adding colors to the bags, they producers use no ordinary way either. They used the finest full grain vegetable tanned cowhide sourced from tanneries within South Africa. Vegetable tanning allows the leather to continue to absorb water and oils throughout its lifetime, developing a rich dark patina with use. Every time you handled it, the natural oils from your hands will be transferred to and condition it. Overtime, it will become your trusted companion that tells your story.

Below are just two of our favorites pieces from the season:

Ilundi rain

Dancing In the Rain Clutch
Laser cut and hand -stitched, this tropical theme of orange or blue leather clutch will delight you with raindrops and sun patterns. it’s great to start off the season with this catchy fresh summery look.


Jungle Clutch
Carrying this Jungle Clutch with leaf pattern will bring you to the tropical rain forest. It is perfect for a weekend getaway outfit.

The happiest news from Marco Visconti

Today we would like to share a good news – our brand director, Jasmine, is married! We are happy to have her sharing with us about recent good news.

When and Where was your wedding?

It’s on 1st of March, 2015 at The Repulse Bay. I had wedding ceremony in the Front Lawn then banquet in Verandah.

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How is the wedding?

It was wonderful and I enjoyed a lot. I was so grateful to have so many dear friends and relatives to witness this important moment in my life. We were very fortunate to have good weather that day. Since my ceremony was outdoor, I’ve been worried about the weather but it turned out great. I like the green grass and cozy atmosphere of my wedding.

How did you manage to prepare your wedding with so much work?

It was really not easy to prepare this big event while busy with work, as there were so many details to take care of. I was lucky to have a very helpful husband and of, course, my bridesmaids. They all help me a lot! 

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Talking about bridesmaids, I know that you gave each of them a jewelry from Marco Visconti. How did you come up with this idea and how you decide what to give to your bridesmaid?

I came out this idea just because I want to gift them to thank them. And who doesn’t love jewelry? I choose their gifts according to their character and personality.

   Featured image

For Sara, who is my maid of honor and also my baby sister, I choose earrings with the delicate butterfly and embellished with Swarovski as she likes accessories with delicate details and a splash of girly feel. 


#250073 Dedra Butterfly Swarovski Earrings

Doris is fun-loving girl, so I’ve chosen an earrings with an owl which matches with her personality. She is also the leader of the bridesmaid group so owl, symbol of wise, is very  suitable for her!

Featured image

#200272 Ema Surgical Steel Owl Earring

Florence is a girl who is always on the go, active and willing to go for new adventure. Her style is chic and is never afraid to go for something different. So I’ve chosen these earrings with different drops on each side to show off her personality and fashion sense.

Featured image

#250084 Poem Sphere and Cubin Earrings

Cherries is HR professional and she always wear elegantly for her work. She is also fond of French culture and she has this feminine touch. So I’ve chosen an earrings with pearl and lots of sparks to match with her office outfit.

 Featured image

#250104 Megan Triplet Dropped Earrings

Hermi is the only one with no pierced ears, so I’ve chosen a necklace for her. Her style is casual, clean and simple, never too exaggerated. So I’ve chosen this beautiful yet natural necklace for her.

Featured image

#250130 Freshwater Pearl Droplet Necklace

I hope they all love what they got!

“Fashion a better world” — Mata Trader

“Fashion a better world” – Mata trader

This lovely May, we would like to introduce a new brand recently injected – Mata Traders, a clothing and accessory brand based in Chicago. Being a fair-trade company, their products are designed in Chicago and handcrafted by fair trade women’s cooperatives and artisan groups in India and Nepal, using artistic traditions such as block-printing and embroidery. Mata Traders believe that giving women economic power and viable working skills can transform a community, is the surest way to combat poverty and give a better future for their children.

Featured image

What is fair-trade?

The fair-trade co-ops provide training, fair wages, and supportive benefits like health care and child care, literacy classes and financial education. Their producers are doing their work at home and in small workshops rather than factories.  Services like on-site day-care, medical checkup and over-time pay are offered.

Featured image

Why we bring in Mata Traders?

We are proud to bring you Mata Traders, with so much shared values with Marco Visconti: caring, love and well-being. We believe that fashion is not just about being stylish, but also about reflecting your inner value and the love and friendship that you treasure.

350181                        320184

Friends of Marco Visconti – Acting Hobbyist, Fanny Kwok

When I first knew Fanny a few years in our school’s orientation event, I only knew she was a “banker” – a senior relationship manager in a very large bank focusing on very large corporate clients.  When school started, I began to find invitation to her shows – what shows?  Turns out she was an amateur actress involved in various local productions such as《山城会之旺角》and《旺角二》 by Chasing Theatre.  Later on I went to visit both of her shows – iStage’s Dead Man’s Cell Phone and 大酒店有個荷里活 produced by Chasing Theatre.  It true looked fun acting on stage seeing her playing the role of Hermia and secretary.  This week, I invited Fanny to share with us her experience as an amateur actress.


What first get you into acting and what keeps you in it?

I joined drama club when I was in first year of secondary school, but the exact number of years since was strictly confidential.  Actually, it was only one of the extra-curricular activities I picked at that time.  The drama club took in new members each year and I went for a casting and got in.

I always like trying out new stuffs, so I think that’s the reason why I could keep doing this for this long – I’ve been taking up many different types of characters in different shows and it’s like I had tried out living in many different lives.

What is the best experience or favorite moment from your acting experience?

I love so much the interactions with audience – every show had a unique experience even for the same performance.  Each laugh or respond from the audience were all very rewarding for me.

I remember in one performance many years ago I was supposed to hold some props before I started a scene; but I could not locate those props at backstage and the light was turned on even I had not yet ready.  I then went out to the stage immediately and just go ahead acting without those props – these moments of making use of our instincts made very exciting experience and memory for us as actors.

What is your favorite role so far?

Can I pick two? I like most the roles of 德仔 at “旺角二”/”旺角龍虎榜” and Hermia in Dead Man’s Cell Phone.

How much time do you spend on rehearsing for your shows? Can you share with us your trick to get yourself prepared?

Rehearsals usually start around 2 months before each show; and I’d spend 2-3 days per week for rehearsals.  For people who have day-time jobs, rehearsals would normally be arranged at non-office hours.

I usually do my preparations during weekends/after work.  I usually won’t take up main cast roles so the time required for preparations would be less.  I often make use of my own life experience and imagination to build up my characters.  Additionally, director and other actors in the show would also give advices to each other during rehearsals to enrich every character.

The best part of being an amateur actress is?

As said above it’s like I could live in many different characters’ lives.  As I don’t do acting for a living, I don’t have the pressure to network/get in new jobs.  I could always pick the script/people I like to work with.

How do you find your two lives – your profession and acting?  Do you find them separated?  How do they interact with each other?

No I think they are very hard to separate.  I always think life and acting are very inter-related – it is very often that we’d need to act in our lives; whilst we also need our life experience to enrich/support our acting.

What is the biggest challenge for HK performing art?

The audience cover is small in Hong Kong.  Most people prefer paying $80-$100 for a movie rather some $200-$400 for a live performance; unless the performance is with some gimmicks (e.g. singers/well-known actors, etc).  On the other hand production costs are increasing.  It is very hard for small drama groups to obtain government subsidies and without these subsidies it’s hard for them to produce a quality show~

What is your future plan?  Any chance to go professional?

No solid plan.  Many friends asked me whether I would consider taking actors as my profession but honestly I think it’s kind of impossible to make a living from there as the supports from the HK Gov’t on performing arts is very minimal.  That’s why we could see many actors teaching acting classes in schools in order to support their lives.  I wish there would be more resources to be allocated to this area in future.

Thank you, Fanny.  I am already looking forward to your next show!

Dream Comes True

Let’s admit, we all dream of being a princess.

I suggest finding something special that defines your personality through your clothes. It can be something small, but it will make all the difference. Nothing is better than wearing lace and sheer fabric to be unique.

Fairy Organza Dress

Every woman should own a little black dress. We choose floral pattern organza to do this classic piece with simple and clean cutting. Burnout pattern makes it look more luxurious. The design of the sleeves is airy ruffled, layered and it’s shaped like a flower. This is all fairytale inspiration.


Elvia Crochet Top

Elvia Crochet Top is inspired by romantic Mediterranean summers. Crochet gives the white top a feminine twist.

Loose-fit is designed to be worn with ease. The bottom part from waistline is cut from crocheted cotton lace that emphasizes the weightless feel. The floral pattern forms irregular hem. It is easy to wear with bottoms or basic tunic.

For party, entertainment or play, these items are the best stand-out styles of this season’s.

Easter is coming…what’s better than having some really nice chocolate?

To add more sweetness to the joyful season, celebrate the time with a beautiful box of Prestat chocolate. Coming from the U.K, we’re happy to share our favourite taste with all chocolate lovers!

Jewel Box

It is the number one listed on our festive table setting! Boosting a wealth of luxurious treats, the jewel box combines legendary classics with innovative flavors offering you an extraordinary trip with taste buds. Packed with 9 or 16 pieces of Prestat’s popular choice, it can definitely satisfy every choco lover.

Milk Earl Grey Wafer Thins

This is a fabulous English classic treat. Enjoy your time under the sunshine, we nibbled chocolate and had summer tea in the cozy holiday. I love the cross-over of Earl Grey and choco! Start off an unusual but delightful combination that tastes fragrant and rich at the same time.

Milk Royal Sikkim Tea Wafer Thins

The British love tea, so do we! Here’s another pick for tea lover, milk chocolate wafers flavoured with the finest Sikkim tea from Northern India. The wafer thins melt easily into your month, it is irresistible!

Dark Chocolate Bar

If you are passionate for intense flavour sensations, you will be delighted with this strong and smooth dark chocolate bar. Balancing the texture to avoid overly bitter, this bar remains an absolute pleasure titillating your taste buds.

Easter wouldn’t be completed without chocolate. Share any of these Prestat chocolate with family and friends in this joyful season and it’ll be sure to make their faces light up.Visit our store in SoHo, Cyberport or Plaza Hollywood and we are happy to help you pick the perfect gourmet for the season.


It was a wonderful time to enjoy the beautiful weather. Walking around the villages and visiting shops, we learned more about the local culture. We took the time to go sightseeing; shopping in the traditional markets and visiting art museum to get us indulged. 


Religion influences their daily life. Peace and tranquility are in the air. Children and locals welcomed us and treated us as friend.

 Branoon Ethnic Dress

Modern art movement is often reflected in the design of art work. Rug weaving, sculpture and handmade crafts today remain the most precious art. “Branoon Ethnic Dress” is inspired by the mood; Shocking pink, green and blue floral brocade match with double layer sheer cotton. Team it with a pair of sandal in metal tone.

 Isla Printed Dress

The “Isla Printed Dress” also is one of the easy-wear dresses. V-neck and slightly curved to be a little sexy. The belt is sewn together on this one piece, elastic at the back for more comfortable; Hook and eye opening in the front. Contrast with green and blue techno print cotton box pleat dress. It will bring you a narrow waist effect.

 Teagan Patched Dress

For night life, there are many restaurants, pubs and taverns with live music which are often staged in open air and seaside in the summer. The “Teagan Patched Dress” is a suitable outfit at this moment. We match up sharp red and monochrome colors in the same crocodile-like pattern. The red on the upper front is vibrant and will brighten you up at night.